Cold Steel Recon Tanto: Fixed Blade Knife Review

Cold Steel Recon Tanto: The Recon Tanto is one of the toughest tactical fixed blade knives Cold Steel produces. It’s been proven …


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  1. My first knife was a Buck Woodsman, which I paid $16 at the time ($30+ today) and is a very nice knife, particularly for preparing food. And then I bought a Parker dagger and I accumulated a few folders, but nothing great. The Cold Steel Recon Tanto was my first high dollar blade and it's a factory second, but it looks perfect. I am glad to see somebody review and share this knife. I am sure it can do whatever the SRK can, but I do regard it as my go to fighting and tactical knife.

  2. Say Heah, Like I said, I like matching knives and making sets to make it better when I go in the bush. I also have the Recon Tanto in the three steels it's made in. I have it in the AUS8a. the San Mai 3 and I got ripped off on e-bay and got a second CarbonV it's very sharp and I can use it, but the lines are off on one side. The San Mai 3 belongs to a San Mai 3 set if mine. The AUS8a. I just made a complete mismatch set tgat I think is a good set and very complete set. I took my Recon Tanto and paired it with my Seal Pup Elite, than I added my Estwing Double Bit Hatchet and my BK-14 I use it as a neck knife. They say, The best knife is the one you have on you. well in this case I'll have two knives. Oh, I also added my Wicked Tough Saw to this mix. All in all not my Fav's, but a very functioning set especially for a extended time in the bush. I can do alot with this set short of building a cabin. Both Cold Steel and S.O.G. uses similar tempering on the AUS8a. and they seem to do a nice job with it because the knives hold a decent edge and easy to sharpen. I carry the Recon Tanto on person and I baton with it because it's longer than the Seal Pup Elite, which I attached it to the front of my backpack. I attached tge Double Bit Hatchet to the back of my bavkpack. The Wicked Tough Saw I got as a Combo (with Sheath) and I can wear it in the open possition in the sheath when I'm setting up camp. So it's very convenient too carry the whole set if I want to into the bush. Also I have a military Web belt as my survival belt which has some redundant stuff in a Pouch on it. So if I want to Scout a new area and leave my backpack behinf, I can easily take my Canteen easily. Then I have my Recon Tanto on person, my BK-14 neck knife, Wicked Saw and Necessities Pouvh, and Canteen, it's relatively lite and no problem to carry the gear on my Survival Military Web Belt. I know it's no problem because I already practiced with them.But yeah I can baton my Recon when I need to make kindling that the wood might be to small for the double bit hatchet. But also I can exchange knives in camp without taking my belt off too, but taking the belt off is not a problem In my State that I'm familiar with. One of my go to sets is my Rodent 5, my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet and my Wicked Tough Saw, I enjoy looking for fatwood and scout out areas and get off on nature much nicer than my living room in my house, more of a panoramic view, and I enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato. If we go longer than a day, I like my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4 both have a choil infact most of my Swamp Rat do. I also have a similar stable of Busse Combat Knives even my most recent Steel Heart Ergo and my Badger Attack Ergo which is similar to my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4, I sometimes use my RatManDu which I also have in the INFI Steel. or I can switch my knives like my Fallkniven A-1 or some of my Bokor like my Black Vox Rold or my Bravo 1 and 1.5. yeah, I like matching sets. But the Recon Tanto actually is a very good knife for me in the bush especially the way I set it up, and it didn't cost me a arm and a leg. Guys don't have to go too elaberate, My knives accumulated over the years so I can make sets. But just a Recon Tanto with a smaller knife a affordable good hatchet like my Home Depot Kobalt Hatchet which I got with a fiberglass handle and a Carona Folding Saw you can enjoy the out of doors and have a blast enjoying nature. WoW, did I just do all of this, sorry but this is a passion.

  3. For a similar fighting type of knife although much less capable in terms of bush crafting or survival applications check out the HK Dispatch fixed blade. It's a D2 steel, tanto tip fighting knife that is a bit shorter than this CS and is a much lighter and well balanced blade. Both are great knives but if your leaning towards a tactical fighter blade I would recommend the HK Dispatch.

  4. Say Heag. Usually I like to match my knife sets usually by the same manufactors, like one of my Fav's 2 knife carry my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4. I have other manifactors, and I have knives that I might add a hatchet or a Khukuri and maybe a good quality folder that works wood good. I do have a set like that. My Himalayan Imports M-43 Khukuri and my Bokor Magnum Series Vox Collection 2011 with my Vintage Myerchin Pocket Knife with the Marlin Spike it really can work wood great and all three really not only work well together but make a nice looking set. I usually will bring my Wicked Tough Saw with this set too. But even though these knives are Tactical Knives, and my mismatched set, I was was able to put together a nice set that works well in the bush which is one of my passions, living in the bush or serving in the bush. I put together the Seal Pup Elite with a Recon Tanto, a Estwing Double Bit Hatchet and ofcource my Wicked Tough Saw. This set wasn't that expensive and I didn't buy all of them at one time, but this set does make things easier to survive the bush. I usually process wood with my Estwing Double Bit Hatchet, one side to fell (cut) the other bit can split. The smaller knife does alot of my camp chores and the larger knife spans wood so if I do use it to lite baton I use it. Oh, I also take my BK-14 as a neck knife. with scales it adds another dimension to the knife and a good knife to do delicate work with it. You wouldn't think that a tactical knife wouldn't work in the bush, but with practice any sharp knife can work in the bush I know this after a few 24's. If you look at the Recon Tanto that area of the blade close to the ricaso has a nice curve to slice wood with, I can take of a Bark to make a walking stick or make a baton more comfortable if too big. Or when I want to make kindling I can use a larger blade better than with a smaller blade. atleast for me, I like using a larger knife and the Recon Tanto does baton good. The Seal Pup Elite hss the best part of a larger Bowie on a smaller knife also good for smaller delicate carving and the blade hold's a decent edge that most of the time all I need to do is strop it and it's sharp again. I carry the larger knife on person and worst case senerio I'm lost or seperated from my pack I have a good functioning set of knives on me. Yeah all complement each other and they didn't cost me a arm and a leg. and I know they work good in the bush because I used them in the bush. Thanx for a good video.

  5. for an outdoors blade which would be best? recon tanto or kabar bk 7. I know they're both for combat, but I've seen the bk 7 used a lot in the woods, so what do y'all think cause I'm really wanting a blade but having a hard time between these two

  6. I just ordered mine a day ago. Awsome review. Also, how often do you find your self sharpening this knife?
    Any tip on sharpening this tanto? Certain degree? Method of sharpening both edges without rounding out the 2nd point which connects the two edges? I heard few people making mistake sharpening tantos and their 2nd edge ended up connecting with both blade. Thanks in advance

  7. I don't know what I was thinking, I have 2 Recon Scout's carbonV, 2 S.R.K.'s carbonV, and San Mai, and 3 Recon Tanto's, and the other knives I mentioned, the R.T's are in AUS8, CarbonV, and San Mai 3, it's not the best chopper, but you can baton with it N/P, but for an inexpensive chopper my 5160 Gen2 SP-53 is one of my favorite reasonable priced knives.

  8. Really wanted this knife, mainly for self defense, but considering the price, and the sheat is bad for concealed carry i went with the kobun, I think CS should put some clip in the recon sheat like kobun's, it's really awesome.

  9. for the life of me i cannot understand people raving about this knife; i got it brand new the other day, headed straight to the forest and put it through the usual tests like cutting branches, etc.; i wasn't at it 10 min and next thing the handle started to rattle and come lose (admittedly not much, but it shouldn't AT ALL)  , not to mention the blade which showed signs of serration and lost 50% of its sharpness; the coldsteel videos are misleading, DO NOT buy this knife or any products from coldsteel, they are crap!!

  10. I just found the Carbon V model on eBay and it is phenomenal.  I think that the tanto point is overlooked and misunderstood by backpackers/survivalist/bushcrafters in that it's pigeon-holed into just a tactical knife.  As stated in this video the blade shape allows for increased tip strength and the straight spine allows for easier batoning as opposed to clip points.  As for the thickness, I see the advantage of a 1/4" or 5/16" thick blades but they're unnecessary w/ modern steels and just add weight.  All my outdoor knives are 3/16" and I've never had any issues.  The Recon Tanto Carbon V will be my go to all around backpacking knife from here on out.  Thanks for the review and the nod of approval as a survival/backpacking blade. 

  11. I am tired of people complaining about knife weight (specialy fighting knife) So im gonna say it 😀
    I know about knife fighting something. and weight is better than no weight. cuz with sharp blade, for example if you will go for fingers, it will cut to the bone, with sharp and little bit heavier blade, you will chop them off. This is just my small opinion. thank you. good review. 

  12. I'm a 3knife carry guy, and yes the Recon Tanto is a Tactical Knife, so is the S.O.G. Pup Elite, but I paired off these two knives with a Estwing Camp Axe, and I use them outdoors, from shelter building to making fires, both S.O.G. and Cold Steel, have similar tempering process, one calls it Cryo the other calls it Sub Zero Tempering, what both do is increase the edge retention, and tougher, and yes their great in the woods, I have 3 Tanto's, CarbV, San Mai, and AUS 8, I use and enjoy this set.

  13. Ok I have to admit I do not follow Thelateboyscout however isn't this just TNP with out nutnfancy? I mean WROL is a TNP word? And the intro is basically the same, I'm not trying to start shit just asking the question.

  14. hey LBS,here`s what I don`t get-in all your recon tanto vids you keep saying its not a wilderness blade,yet time n time again you seem to prove it can hang with many "survival"knives.sure it has a stabby tanto tip,but where i work there are alot of bears and wolves etc. You`ve almost unknowingly sold me on getting one for work/wildlife defense,seems tuff,strong tip,good grip,versitile…sounds like a GOOD bush blade to me.thanx for the unintentional info! love your vids

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