Ganzo G729-GR Unboxing and Initial Review of a Spyderco Clone with Axis Lock from GearBest

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9 thoughts on “Ganzo G729-GR Unboxing and Initial Review of a Spyderco Clone with Axis Lock from GearBest

  1. Ganzo makes pretty decent and affordable knives and tools. It does bug me that they felt the need to copy the design of a very popular knife when it's clear that they are quite capable of designing their own style. My impression is that they regard other makers as competition to such an extent that they desire to swamp the market with very similar low cost versions with the goal of harming the other company to the point that they go out of business or are forced to have to import knives from China to provide the customers that want low cost knives with low cost knives. But at that point, Spyderco will likely have to let go their American staff because they aren't needed. That puts people out of work. Spyderco is nice enough to have a large factory in Boulder Colorado, employing American people. Ganzo only employs Chinese folk in China. The Chinese government gives incentives to Chinese companies to try and copy as many products as possible so that their people are never out of a job. China has purchased large amounts of American bonds and has effectively bailed America out of debt (that we shouldn't ever be in, but we are). Because China has bailed us out, our government has given China free access to our postal system. They are able to ship anything into the US for free. But we cannot ship anything to each other for any kind of reasonable cost. Anyone who has used the post office to send things knows it costs crazy money to ship anything anywhere. But, if you go to Gearbest or even just eBay, everything from China is free shipping. So they can sell a $18 knockoff knife and ship it anywhere here and make a profit. But if we use Etsy or eBay to sell things, it costs me $20 to ship that same knock off knife from NY to California..

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