Gear Review – SOG Magnadot Folding Knife

Greetings YouTube. Welcome to my first knife review. I am still in the process of working out the criteria that I want to use to review gear. As with all gear reviews, …


6 thoughts on “Gear Review – SOG Magnadot Folding Knife

  1. This was my first review of anything… So its a little rough but I think I got the point across. Appreciate the feedback! I think it would be an alright basic knife but I would not want to have my life depending on it… Stay tuned for more reviews!

  2. Just stumbled across this video, I'm planning on doing a review on this knife also. I am pretty much in agreement with you. This is an "OK" knife, maybe a little fat for inclusion in a GOOD, BOB, or GHB (I agree with Nut'n—Weight and Space freak that he is). The sharpener/fire starter would make a decent secondary (backup) with its economy of space (two is one, one is none philosophy). Overall, I think you did a great review.

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