Knife Review: Cold Steel Tuff Lite

Knife review of the Cold Steel Tuff Lite. Honestly it’s an amazing knife for what it is. By it’s design I think it would make an amazing utility knife, and could double …


7 thoughts on “Knife Review: Cold Steel Tuff Lite

  1. This shares pocket space with my Spartan, it fits nicely into the change pocket on my jeans, and everything you say is correct. It fits the hand well, it slices well, and if you need to sharpen it it sharpens easily (I keep a 3000/10000 stone for honing it on).

    The Spartan doesn't need sharpening as I've yet to run into a zombie that needed its attentions. 🙂

  2. Would have liked to have seen the knife been put through it's paces.Far too much time spent here showing the knife which really could have been summed up in two to three minutes!!!!

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