Winkler Knives II SAR: Serious Tactical Operator Blade

Here’s an awesome tactical fixed blade knife with an even more awesome story to go with it. Not only is the Winkler Knives II SAR a serious and purpose-built …


34 thoughts on “Winkler Knives II SAR: Serious Tactical Operator Blade

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  2. protect us from who! they r guarding popy fields. I respect the military, most of my family was military but the enemy is in our country, making the laws teaching our kids and locking us up. I respect them but a hero does what's hard not expected.

  3. Greetings from Great Britain. I wanted to look at a few knife making videos to get some ideas on making my own knife and stumbled upon yours. It brought a tear to my eye when you spoke highly about my country and said those nice things. I thank you kindly sir and wish you good health. 

  4. i work for daniel winkler i hope our sar serves you well.the small screwdriver shaped point on the top is exactly that. it is to be used to adjust the hardware on your sheath in the field when a conventional screwdriver may not be available.the knife and sheath work in conjunction as one system for ease of use in the the video.thanks s.l.

  5. Hello

        I am amazed with this channel again, I also did not knew about winkler knives II ( or I ); but my first approach was when I check the knives the guy of the show "manhunt" (Joel Lambert) uses. Off course he is a navy seal, so I really wanted to check the gear he uses, Here is the link to the youtube video Inside the Hunt – Joel's Blades

  6. Great review! I received my SAR yesterday, and its incredible! KG Gunkote black camo. the sheath system is great. But, I think I will have to fix it to one belt and leave it. I'm shopping for my first Sebenza now.. 😉 Thanx!

  7. Good morning Rob, Search and rescue was my job when serving in HM Forces. field ambulance attached to scots guards then 2 para back in the day 1970s, ended up serving the people of Scotland as a paramedic for 25 yrs in our ambulance service. Sometimes when in rough woods or scrub I would pack a good ol K Bar if we were out for a few days. still got the old girl now ensconed in a kydex sheath.I found weight to be a very important factor when packing gear so anything you carried had to be worth it. Its interesting that HM Forces still carry yank blades, those british commandos are the most bad ass soldiers on the planet by the way, although a few might disagree, I myself am Scottish first, then British second, so  I would shout Scotland forever at flying lead then if I got close enough it would be an injection of cold steel, we Scots have a rep for using blades whenever possible, it does seem to scare the enemy a tad. That big knife has a lovely sheath and a trusty bit of steel, show as well as go, and with your usual work on the edge that marine must be proud as punch when he wears it. God bless you and yours Rob and say a prayer for all our young soldiers in harms way.

  8. Hi Rob – I love that SAR and sheath.  Very cool.  I also sent you a Personal Message to your YouTube inbox.  I don't check mine as often as I should, so I thought I would give you a heads up :-)

  9. Hey Tap, great vid once again, and once again you've turned a pry bar into a scalpel, what a beauty. u do have a voice for narration but a little cliff stamp is great for the ears as well. thanks for reminding that word is sharp.
    p.s. my knives are still too sharp to even look at without flinching, thanks

  10. Brother i enjoyed the and i understand why you have men women children and arm forces watching your videos.You have a very clean channel that all can watch and you are a  GOD fearing man always speaking of our LORD all have a blessed day Randy.

  11. Great review! The knife looks fantastic and I'm ordering one based on your review!
    And you're right those british buggers are hard to fight but still have yet to meat any man that isn't allergic to a dose of lead poisoning!
    God bless and ATB from Sweden

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